Marie Louise Babon-Folus c1965 Painting of Jug of Flowers


Marie Louise Babon-Folus was an Occitanie artist from Toulouse

She was an active committee member and served as vice president in 1955-65 of the Artistes Occitans de Toulouse

Exhibited in Toulouse, Paris and the United States

4 of Marie Louise Babon-Folus works are held in Le musée des Augustins est le musée des beaux-arts de Toulouse (the Toulouse Museum) they were acquired in the 1950/60s

In 1952 she exhibited the following paintings at he the Palais des Arts Toulouse

17. Premier envoi (peinture).
18. Giroflées (Peinture).
19. Roses-trémières (peinture).


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