Easter Rising 1916 Original Newspapers : Le Miroir french photgraphic news of the rebellion.


Easter Rising 1916 news coverage in Le Miroir Issues 129 and 130 were published  on the 14th and 21st May 1916. They feature a front cover of Countess Markievicz, full single page spread and a double page spread and a few other photos.

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1916 French newspapers Le Miroir, 21 May 1916. Full front page picture of Countess Markievicz in the back of an ambulance, returning to prison after sentencing. ”La Comtesse Markievicz regagne la prison apres sa condamnation’.’ The magazines also contain a full page of Easter Rising Photographs, a Double Page spread of photographs including the MacBride and Plunkett brothers in Richmond Barracks, prisoners being marched through the streets of Dublin, an Armoured Car, and four of the Proclamation signatories.

We discovered these issues of the French weekly paper Le Miroir published weekly in Paris among a collection of issues spanning three years 1914-1917. Le Miroir covered WW1 and all related stories around the world.

Issues 129 and 130 were published  on the 14th and 21st May 1916.

As these are papers composed of mostly photographs they provide an insight to the view being presented in Europe.

Their condition is consummate with their 100 years.

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