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Margarido 1940-50 Simone Jouglas Traditional Provencal Ceramic Dolls – Santon of Provence


Margarido is a traditional character in the crèche, also from the Pastorale Maurel. This is a bourgeois woman who married Mr. Jourdan. She wears the famous Provencal pancake called the pomp, as well as a chauferette. created in the 1940s by Simone Jouglas in Provence, France

The santons designed by Simone JOUGLAS were made with local Provençal products from the late 1930s. Born in 1907 she lived in Marseille where she actively participated in the resistance movement during the Second World War 1939-45, while she survived thanks to her activity as a ceramist alone. In 1952, she obtained the Mérite Artisanal (Chevalier).
Her training as a ceramic sculptor led her to create santons in the image of existing local characters. These very special faces will become the trademark of Simone Jouglas santons.

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