Oil Lamp Clock 19th Century


This intriguing item is an oil clock, also known as a silent clock, dating back to the 19th century. It remains in excellent condition and working order. Essentially an oil lamp, it features a stylized and decorative design with a glass reservoir on top intended to hold the fuel for the flame. The metal parts are shiny and even, showing minimal scratches or signs of wear. Remarkably, the original glass reservoir has endured over a century and is still in great condition.
Also seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and also in the Seiko Museum in Tokyo.

Oil clocks were innovative devices used by those in the past who wanted to tell time but couldn’t afford mechanical clocks. These clocks were typically filled with whale oil, valued for its slow burn. While this particular model features a glass reservoir, others were equipped with translucent porcelain ampoules. The design of this clock is both elegant and original, combining authenticity with decorative beauty.

Antique and nostalgic, this unique oil clock adds a touch of personality to any room. Its dimensions are: Width: 5.1 inches (13 cm), Height: 12.9 inches (33 cm).

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