Original Poster 1963 La Semeuse Roty


La Semeuse / The Sower
République française. Emprunt d’état septembre 1963

Date 1963
On Papier
Gravure en taille douce / Intaglio engraving
Dimensions 77 x 57 cm

GRUEL, C. H. , illustrateur affichiste
ROTI, Oscar (1846-1911), sculpteur et médailliste français

Affiche représentant une Semeuse d’Oscar Roty./ Poster of a Sower after Oscar Roty

A slender Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap.

“These seeds which she generously throws into the earth are the innumerable ideas which perhaps one day will germinate and spring up, when we are no longer there” ( La Liberté , October 8, 1898). The gesture is in fact more symbolic than realistic, because we do not sow against the wind.

La Semeuse was originally used for coins from fifty centimes to two francs put into service in 1897 and 1898, before gaining the postage stamp in 1903. It thus became the most widely distributed work of art in France. La Semeuse was also reproduced on stamps.

The Musée d’Orsay holds the original preparatory wax on slate, characteristic of the technique of a medal engraver and which testifies to the virtuosity of Roty, it is one of its treasures.

This poster was created in 1963 by GRUEL, C. H a poster illustrator.