Statue of Liberty Stamp 2004


2004 Auguste BARTHOLDI 1834-1904 La Liberté éclairant le monde
Liberty Enlightening the World
Remembering 100 years after the death of Auguste BARTHOLDI

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was born in Colmar on August 2, 1834. In 1853, he executed one of his first commissions for his hometown, a statue of General Rapp. A trip to the Middle East, in 1855 – 1856, from where he brought back sketches, drawings and photographs, enriched his artistic and technical career. Several statues will then follow: Vauban, the little winegrower, Vercingétorix….After the  Franco-Prussian/German War, war of 1870, he left for the United States with the idea of “fighting for freedom” and came up with the idea of “Liberty enlightening the world”.
In 1884, the Statue of Liberty was officially handed over to the United States. A year later, the reduced replica of the statue, which illustrates the stamp, was offered to France by America and was installed at the tip of Île aux Cygnes, in Paris in 1889. It faces that of New York.
The seven rays of her diadem represent the 7 continents (Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, North Pole and South Pole), her torch symbolizes light, the direction to follow.

Format 41 x 52mm

Framed 125mm x 95mm
Mounted on vintage french minature envelope