Vagabond by José Galvan ’74 Paris Oil Painting


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Realistic and vibrant oil painting fro 1974 by Montmartre based Spanish artist José Glavan 1910-2001

Galvan was born in July 1920 in Spain and moved to Monmartre in Paris in 1962. This painting was completed in 1974.

Galvan exhibited in Paris and his biography appears in the Dictionary of Painters at Montmartre 1999 by Andre Roussard


In a review by Lucien VILAR, he wrote
Regional Delegate of the Union of Journalists and Writers in PERPIGNAN

“A gift of the rarest adorns his artists pallate, the portrait. His exhibition at PERPIGNAN, where we were given the opportunity to compare the models and their representation on the canvas, enabled us to find, beyond the physical resemblance, the true character and the personality inherent to each subject.”

This is very apparent in this painting, “Vagabond”. The vibrant face and cigarette glow with the personality of this Parisian.

In an elegant gold frame.

Dimensions :
38cm x 46cm Canvas

42cm x 50cm Framed