Framed Collectable Asterix Stamp 1999 Journee du Timbre


Astérix – Journée du Timbre 1999

To celebrate the Journée du Timbre / Stamp Day 1999 the stamp chose was Asterix, the favourite French Gaul.
Original creation bt Albert Uderzo

Stamp dimensions are 26x46mm in a rectangle of 97x72mm

Sold Framed 130x180mm


Asterix the Gaul, specialist in perilous missions, draws his strength from a magic potion made by the druid Penoramix. Asterix, designed by Uderzo and Goscinny, is a series which appeared in 1959 in the Journal Pilote. It quickly achieved incredible success with the French youth, becoming a real social phenomonen within a few short years. Asterix also obtained sales records which enabled the creation of the Parc Asterix in 1989.